Special hotel deals in Puebla

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Petfriendly hotel in Puebla

Your pets are welcome

Holiday Inn La Noria has the best Pet friendly hotel deals in Puebla.

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Valid until October 10, 2022.

Africam Safari Puebla

Live a wild adventure with these hotel deals in Puebla

On your trip to Puebla you have an obligatory stop at Africam Safari. Fun for adults and children of the family.

Holiday Inn Puebla La Noria offers you an unbeatable promotion in Africam Safari. The package includes: Lodging, 2 adult tickets for the park and a special price when buying extra tickets, 15% discount on food and drinks, early Check in (*) and late Check out * (*subject to availability)

Valid until December 31, 2023. Roar with excitement with this promotion!

*Non-refundable cash tickets

Inclusive Hotel in Puebla

Real Life Heroes

In your pleasure or business trips, we value the effort of all our travelers, and we think of your comforts whatever your needs are.

At Hotel Holiday Inn La Noria we think of all the possibilities to enjoy a tourist trip and we join the industry effort to innovate in services and facilities that allow inclusion and equal opportunities for all people, safely, comfortably, autonomous and normalized. The next vacation we look forward to in our facilities.

All for diverse and inclusive tourism!

Hotel near hospitals in Puebla

Health, Service, Location

Puebla is known as a great alternative in the highly specialized hospital sector, making it a great destination in the health sector.

Puebla de los Ángeles has high potential in the health sector, since the activity and quality of its hospitals have become a national benchmark, both for its services, follow-up, prices and first-class facilities.

Holiday Inn Puebla La Noria is close to the hospitals area, is ideal for lodging in case you require appointments, consultations, outpatient procedures, complex or long stay. We have special rates for each case.

Among some of the medical specialties that stand out are Orthopedics, Cardiology, Plastic Surgery, Pediatrics, Gynecology and Oncology. The main private hospitals in Puebla are Hospital Puebla, 5 minutes away, Hospital Ángeles de Puebla, 8 minutes away, Hospital MAC, 12 minutes away, Hospital Christus Muguerza Upaep & Betania, 10 and 15 minutes away respectively.

Hotel in Puebla LGBTQ+

Holiday Inn Puebla La Noria supports diversity

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, at Holiday Inn La Noria we support diversity of race, thought, gender, preferences, and the LGBTQ+ community.

At the Holiday Inn Puebla la Noria Hotel we always seek the satisfaction of our guests, by creating memorable moments and unique experiences that generate smiles when remembering them.

We are a hotel that promotes and respects LGBTQ+ diversity.

We will be proud to be your hosts on your next trip to the city of Puebla, where you can enjoy architectural beauty, culture and gastronomy, first-world tourist attractions and beautiful views of the Volcanoes.

For a diverse, inclusive and sustainable tourism!

Welcome LGBTTTIQ community.